Gaters - Parent and Toddler group

Thursday morning group (10-11:30) for parents and children under the age of 5.

Gaters will restart for the Autumn term on Thursday the 9th September, 10:00 - 11:30am

All pre-school children from youngest babies onwards are welcome and catered for (along with their parents / grand-parents).

Children can have fun playing in a safe and friendly environment with a wide range of toys and activities while their adults can enjoy a chat & relax or play along!

If the weather is good we can open up our secure outdoor garden with playhouses and ride-ons.

We have a separate space to park buggies and prams.

Suggested donation of £1 per family.

N.B - Entrance is through the solid white door which is in the left hand corner of the car park!

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Search for 'Gaters Toddler Group'

Virtual Gaters!

Below is a virtual Gaters session with ideas for crafts, activities, stories and singing for you to do with the kids at home.

Its singing time

First of all, why not sing along with Ellie and Phoebe as they have fun with some Gaters classics

Its story time

Here's Jo, Eliana and Keziah again with the Bible story of Daniel in the lion's den!

Its play time!

  • Make a den, perhaps something different from normal play….blanket over the kitchen table, cushions inside?

  • Turn the lounge into a jungle with paper streamers (newspaper will do) hanging from curtain rails/door frame/back of sofa etc and gather all the animals you can find to hide behind cushion ‘bushes’

  • Perhaps the garden lends itself to a jungle playtime?

  • Feed the lions….throw beanbag/balls into lions mouth (bucket/pot)

  • Dress up like a lion for the day…anything brown, orange, rust colours and perhaps a lion mask from craft time

  • Finish the day with chicken nuggets turned into lions with mashed potato, mayo or ketchup manes, peas for eyes, …..

  • Play animal action game, click the picture

Its craft time

  • Make a picture of a jungle or zoo

  • Junk model a zoo or safari park for play animals – when the glue has dried!

  • Make a lion mask, ideas below

  • Make some lion cakes

  • Make a crown for a King or Queen

Stick puppets

Lion mask

Lion cakes