Our main Sunday services are broadcast live on this page for the benefit of those unable to attend in person.

There is also an excellent free app available for mobile and tablet devices. Search for ‘Mixlr’ in your devices app store and install. You will then be able to search for ‘Tollgate’ and access the same live broadcast stream on your device.

The following, recent, sermons are available by clicking on the links

1st December PM – Luke 1 – A surprising encounter – John Taylor

1st December AM – Acts 20  – Death and life in Troas – Pastor

24th November PM – 1 Peter 3  – Getting to know our wives – Pastor

17th November PM – 1 Samuel 9 & 10  – Staying faithful in a changing culture – John Taylor

17th November AM – Mark 11  – The coming of the King – James Chittenden

10th November PM – Psalm 46  – God is our refuge – James Chittenden

10th November AM – Acts 19  – Artemis is fallen – Pastor

3rd November PM – 1 Peter 3  – Inner beauty – Pastor

3rd November AM – Acts 19  – From darkness to light in Ephesus – Pastor

27th October PM – 1 Peter 2  – Jesus – the living stone – Pastor

Special services

1st September 2019 – Baptismal service

– Katie Musk

21st July 2019 – Baptismal service

– David Middleton & David Akin Pelu

Church anniversary 2019

16th June PM – John 20  – Sent by the risen Jesus – Steven Green

16th June AM – Matthew 16 – Jesus will build His church – Steven Green

21st April 2019 – Baptismal service

– Gareth Cole

For special services 2018 click here

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