New Tribes Mission is a Christian organisation whose aim is to take the message of the Bible to remote people groups of the world. To do this it is necessary to learn (mostly unwritten) languages, produce an alphabet and translate the Bible with the end goal of teaching the people and seeing independent churches established within these groups.

Tollgate supports UFM, who send missionaries into cross-cultural ministry, providing the expertise and resources needed to share the good news of Jesus in these challenging settings.

Tollgate is part of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), a family of over 500 local churches who are united by the gospel and by a common purpose. As a Fellowship we exist to encourage and equip our family of independent churches to thrive, impacting our nation with the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tollgate supports Christian Witness to Israel which exists to share the Good News of Jesus with the Jewish people, to relieve the poor and sick, to make the Church aware of its spiritual and material debt to the Jews and to oppose anti-Semitism.

The mission of the Barnabas Fund is to support Christians where they are in a minority and suffer discrimination, oppression and persecution as a consequence of their faith. Their goal is to strengthen Christian individuals, churches and their communities by providing material and spiritual support in response to needs identified by local Christian leaders.

The work of the Open-Air Mission since it was established in 1853 is to go out to where those same lost sheep are today and share with them the good news that there is a Saviour who loves them. So few people today attend a place of worship. Church has become an alien environment for so many in our society. The need therefore to take the gospel to them is more urgent than it has been for many generations.